Devin Townsend- Ass Sordid Demos II CD


Devin Townsend- Ass Sordid Demos II (2004)

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Includes the full Noisescapes and Grey Skies demos from
Devin’s pre-Vai & teenage years.


No Title
1. Black & White
2 Bury the Wrong
3 San Pablo Train
4 Roadkill
5 Rain
6 Ascent to the Summit of Black Mountain
7 Sunmud/Woman
8 I Am
9 Ernie’s Room
10 Rain
11 Friends
12 Thick Stock
13 Cold
14 Soft
15 Amsterdam

I decided to put out a self-produced disk of various demos that had existed during the Ocean Machine, Noisescapes period. Mostly re-recorded from the originals, these were mail-order only disks that are more of a curiosity than anything.

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